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New Referee Assessment Form for Coaches


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Many of you will already be aware of the new “Referee Assessment Form for Coaches” to complete to give their assessment of how our referees are performing
.  Completion of this form is NOT mandatory, but is appreciated.  It is important to remember this is a great way to feed-back how individual referees are performing.  It is for positive feedback, as well as for areas where the referee needs to improve and will assist in improving the standard of refereeing here at Caledon Soccer Club.  All comments are appreciated, but we are looking for constructive criticism.  Please avoid comments like, “ our referee today was rubbish”.   I would prefer you to give the reason why you felt the way you did.  Please remember that this form will be passed to the referee and the improvement opportunities will be discussed to help them get better as a referee, or indeed, if the comments are positive to give encouragement.

I would definitely prefer you use this form to feedback your comments about your referee rather than yelling at him/her, or pointing out his weaknesses face to face.   I know Coaches never yell at Referees!!


I would prefer that you left that to myself in my role as the Head Referee.  Please note, however, encouraging comments are ALWAYS welcome!

Please remember that one day, it could be your child refereeing here at Caledon Soccer Club.

I certainly hope you will take the opportunity to use this form on a regular basis to help us to help you and the standard of refereeing here at Caledon Soccer Club.

Once you complete the form, you can either hand it in to the snack bar.

Thank you!

Head Referee

Caledon Soccer Club