Executive & Staff
2017 Executive and Staff

President Patrick DeCraemer info@caledonsoccer.com
Vice President Clyde Henry info@caledonsoccer.com
Secretary Vacant info@caledonsoccer.com
Treasurer Andy Currie
Registrar Jan McFadyen registrar@caledonsoccer.com
Rep Director Bo Hetherington repdirector@caledonsoccer.com
House League Mary Ann Steller info@caledonsoccer.com
Sponsorship Vacant  info@caledonsoccer.com
Equipment Vacant info@caledonsoccer.com
Communications Vacant info@caledonsoccer.com
Director at Large Trevor Grant info@caledonsoccer.com
Director at Large Albert Condotta info@caledonsoccer.com
Administrator Marie Tepper info@caledonsoccer.com
Head Coach Terry Maddison headcoach@caledonsoccer.com
Technical Director  Steve Hill info@caledonsoccer.com
Head Referee Mark Waddington caledonheadref@outlook.com
 Assistant Head Referee Lucia Valdez

If you would like information regarding the vacant positions listed above, please e-mail or call the club office. Thank you!