About Us

Our community has over 1100 members

The Caledon Soccer Club was formed in 1973 to service a large part of the Town of Caledon including the settlements of Caledon East, Palgrave, Inglewood, Cheltenham, Caledon Village and Mono Mills as well as the rural area surrounding these settlements. The Caledon Soccer Club has grown to enjoy a membership of more than 1100.

As stated in our bylaws

Caledon Soccer Club (CSC) will promote and develop the game of soccer and help individuals develop their character as resourceful and responsible members of their community by providing opportunities through the game of soccer for their mental, physical, social and leadership development.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) – CSC promotes these values through:

a) Reflecting the communities, we live in. Identify, attract, and retain diverse, qualified team members.

b) Fostering a culture of Inclusion and Equity. Respecting each diverse perspective, ensuring team members are motivated and empowered to contribute to the CSC mission.

c) Ensure transparency and promote accountability; ensure DE&I is embedded in our business operations.

d) Equality and promotion of women and girls’ programs; ensuring pathways for progression from grassroots to post-secondary and professional level play.

Policy Board


Clyde Henry

Vice President

Shane Gordon

Director at large

Gaspare Clemenzi

Director at large

Courtney Betts


Director at large

Bo Hetherington

Director at large

Terry Maddison

Director at Large

Cosimo Mazzaferro

Director at Large

Nicholas Fiore

Our Staff

Executive Director

Gabe Borges


Marie Tepper

Club Registrar

Emma Mehlenbacher

Technical Director

Gabe Borges

GoalKeeper Head coach

Vanessa Fiore

Head Referee

Brendan Gibney

Assistant Head Referee

Karim Kanji

Field Scheduler

Alissa Condotta

Competitive Uniform Manager

Emilie Corso-Stevens

House League Coordinator

Gabriella Di Pietrantonio

Social Media Manager

Kasey McFadyen

Director, Marketing & Sponsorship

Harman Mundair

Current Positions

Caledon Soccer Club is looking for REFEREES to join Caledon Soccer Club for the upcoming 2023 Outdoor season.

If you are interested: [email protected]

Caledon Soccer Club is looking for TECHNICAL STAFF to join Caledon Soccer Club for the upcoming 2023 Outdoor season.

If you are interested: [email protected]

If you would like information regarding the vacant positions listed above please e-mail or call the club office. Thank you!

Registration for 2023 is Now Open