Governing Documents & Resources

CSC Governing Documents

CSC By-Laws

Accessibility Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Blood, Jewelry, Headscarf & Turban Policies

Change Room Policy

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Conflict & Complaint Resolution Policy

Appeals Policy

E-mail Motion, Discussion & Voting Procedures

Equity & Inclusion Policy

Finance & Policy Procedures

Governance Commitment

Gymnasium Use Policy

Healthy Snack Policy

Human Resource Management Statement

Intellectual Property Policy

Refund Policy

Registration Policy

Rowan’s Law Concussion Code of Conduct

Soccer Net Safety Policy

Tournament Travel Approval Procedure

Travel Policy & Consent Form

Volunteer Screening Policy

Procurement Policy

Animals at the Park Policy

PIPEDA (Privacy Policy)

Cultural Sensitivity Policy

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Fair Play Code

Anti-Doping Policy

Discipline Policy

Communications Policy

Risk Management Policy

Physical & Emotional Safety Policy

Commitment Letters

Marketing Plan

Standing Committees

Certification Reimbursement Policy

AODA Policy

Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco Policy

Playing Time Policy

Member Resources

Coaching Evaluation Form

Members Survey

Competitive Program Cost Breakdown

Consider Being a Recreational Coach

Volunteer Orientation & Recruitment

Promoting Women in Soccer

Standards of Gender Equity

Women as Match Officials

Targeting Women in Coaching

Men’s League Rules

U8 Coaching Manual

Responsible Coaching Pledge

Coaching Requirements

Futsal Program

Program Descriptions

4 Corner Model

House League Plus Program

Respect in Sport Parent Program

Child Protection Liaison

Technical Plan Brochure

Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer Policies & Resources

LTPD - Wellness to World Cup

National & Provincial Pathway

Ontario Soccer Rules & Policies

Ontario Soccer Everyone Plays

Ontario Soccer Achieving Accessibility

Commit to Kids: Reporting Sexual Abuse & Misconduct

Commit to Kids: Guideline for Adults Interacting with Children in Sport

Commit to Kids: Steps for Reporting Child Abuse

Commit to Kids: Steps for Reporting Inappropriate Conduct

FIFA 11+ for Kids

CSA Players Wearing Casts Policy

CSA Lightning and Severe Weather Policy

CSA Guide to Safety

LTPD Resources

Town of Caledon No Smoking Zone

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